UV ANGEL AIR™ In-Ceiling Model

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UV Angel uses years of advanced research and development in ultraviolet light and IOT enabled technologies to create a truly modern and effective air treatment system

Using patented UV-C treatment technology, the air is quietly drawn into a sealed UV-C air chamber with a series of fans and filters

Air is circulated through the UV-C air chamber where it is treated with an enclosed high-intensity UV-C light to inactivate bacteria, fungus, and viruses in the air

Treated air is then returned to the room creating a healthier environment

UV Angel Clean Air is unobtrusive, works continuously, and with the in-ceiling design, maintains the valuable floor space in inpatient and staff areas

The UV Angel Clean Air laboratory results showed elimination rates up to 99.99%

Laboratory test conclusively supports effectiveness against:

  •  Gram-negative pathogens which can cause pneumonia, bloodstream infections, wound, and surgical site infections
  • Gram-positive pathogens such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, enterococci, and listeria 
  • Fungal pathogen surrogates, which could include pathogens such as aspergillus, yeasts, and histoplasmosis


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